Chihuahua Mix Adult

I'm Lilly and I'm an 11 year old Feist (Fice) mix  My Dad went into a nursing facility, his children didn't want me, and there was no place else for me to go.  I am in a great foster home but am longing for a home of my own,

Don't let my gray hair fool you! I'm still pretty feisty and I love to snuggle! I am a little overweight, but my foster Mom got me on a great nutrition plan and best of all - I have a fenced in yard to run around in and explore!

I'm still a little reluctant to take the plunge of using the doggie door - but I'm getting there!.  My foster Mom says I listen very well.

I like other dogs just fine as long as they aren't big dogs!  I will pester a cat to play a bit too much if there isn't another dog to hang out with.  I was recently on a trial adoption but the resident cat could not get used to me being there and wanting to play.

I am not used to the activity levels of children - I'm an "adults only" dog!

I have been spayed, am heartworm negative, and am up to date with vaccinations.  My adoption fee is only $100 - a bargain if I do say so myself!  

Take a chance on me - you won't regret it!


Pointer/Lab Mix Adult

My name is Poppins and I'm a very sweet and lovable gal!

I love to cuddle and I think that car rides are totally awesome!  I'm a 2 year old Pointer mix and weigh about 55 pounds.

Ok - so now for the one sorta bad thing.  I'm heartworm positive.  But please, please, PLEASE don't let that stop you from adopting me!  I'm not showing any symptoms and I'm so young that my heartworm load should be fairly light.

Underdog Ranch uses the slow-kill method of heartworm treatment which includes a round of antibiotics, a few months of double doses of a specific heartworm preventative, and then monthly administration of yet a different specific heartworm preventative.  In 9-12 months, I should test negative.  To find out more about this - just ask my foster Moms!

I am house broken and do well in my crate, sleeping through the night. I need a calm environment to work on basic training.  I can get very over-stimulated with lots of activity around me and especially if there are a ton of brand new smells.

I won't be adopted out into an environment with children under the age of 8 years old.  Little ones younger that tend to stress me out with their activity levels, loud vocalizations, etc..


I'm a very strong girl and need continued training to walk on a leash - I tend to pull very hard and we are working on this. I get very excited at all of the smells that I often cannot focus on listening. I guess there is some Hound in me because sometimes treats don't even help. Whomever adopts me will need to find a way to release my energy and then find a quiet place to do training.

I've been spayed and am up to date with vaccinations.  My adoption fee is $125 and all medication for the slow-kill method of treatment will be provided.


Weimaraner Mix Adult

Hi there!  My name is Wilma and I'm a 63 pound 6 year old Weimaraner gal looking for a pretty chill home!

I was surrendered by my previous owners and I'm a sweet but somewhat shy girl.  I LOVE attention from my humans and the other love of my life is BONES!!  I'm a couch potato for sure!

I do well with other dogs, though puppies and small dogs aren't a good match for me because of their high energy levels!  I've not been cat tested, so I don't know what I would think about them.  I love all people - kids included.  But no kids under 8 years old - just because of my size and their energy level!

I am heartworm negative, spayed, and am up to date with vaccinations.  My adoption fee is $250.  


Dalmatian/Lab Mix Adult

YES - I'M BEING REPOSTED AGAIN! I've had quite a few people interested in adopting me, but I do come with some challenges that have been discovered in my foster home.  Even though there is one major challenge with me, I love people and am very loving.

Do you happen to be searching for a couch potato?  Look no further - I'M IT!!

My name is Penny and I'm a 3 year old Dalmatian mix girl who was rescued from a county shelter!  I weigh about 70 pounds and am a pretty chill gal.

I LOVE kids, but over the age of 5 please - simply because of my size.

I will do best in a household where I am the only dog.  I do ok with small dogs, but medium sized and up I can be reactive.  I'm also not the type to go to the dog park or on walks where I may meet other dogs for the same reason.  If you have experience with dogs that need slow introductions to others, that would be great  I'm definitely not one for a first time dog owner!

I love going for walks and as I mentioned above- I'm perfectly happy just chillin' on the couch!

I've been spayed, am heartworm negative, and am up to date with vaccinations.  My adoption fee is $250.  


Red Nose Pitbull Adult

My name is Scarlett and here is my story!

I turned 2 years old in February of 2020. Shortly thereafter, I made my way to the United States from Qatar! Yes! Qatar! I was born there and abandoned as a puppy. I was living in a crowded shelter as a dog whose breed is basically illegal there.

I was rescued, received my vaccinations, and even have my very own passport!

As a result of my negligent upbringing and life in the shelter, I was always scared there. Scared of what would happen to me and scared because I never received much attention and never felt love. I sure do love my foster Mom though! I've learned to trust her and now she tells me it's time for me to trust others and find my forever home.

I know it's probably going to be a long process, but I also know that I am VERY willing to try and I DEFINITELY want my very own forever home. So - if you promise to take it slow with me, I promise to try really hard to make any meeting a potential match.

I am a VERY sweet girl ever but I just need to gain some self confidence I've been around other dogs and interacted well with them.

I won't be adopted out into an environment with children under the age of 16. I am not used to the activity levels of children and will not do well with a lot of noise and quick movements.

I've been spayed, am heartworm negative and am up to date with vaccinations. My adoption fee is $250.


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