Lab/Boxer Mix Senior

Winston is a friendly gentlemen of about 8 yrs of age. He may be a Boxer/Lab mix.

Winston appears to have traveled a mixed road through life. He was recently pulled from a local shelter – has a scar from an embedded collar, had significant hair loss, and was itchy and emaciated. His skin/fur issues are responding well to medicated baths and he’s eating well. He weighs about 50 pounds but should weigh 60 and we're working on that.

He’s good in a crate, is familiar with a house (sounds, smells, etc) and is housebroken - he's had no accidents inside. Winston likes to ride in a car and walks well on a
leash. He likes to carry stuffed toys around and will at times chew them up – a dog's gotta do what a dogs gotta do!

He goes on walks and will chase a stuffed toy – and then want to play a bit of “keep away”. Inside the house, he just finds a spot and lays down to chill out.

He met the shelter cat - 2 times – first just sniffed and walked away, The second time the cat entered the room went up to him and just kept sniffing and walking towards him. Winston just backed up and tried to get away. He apparently has experience with these smaller furry ones with sharp claws and likes to just leave them alone!

He’s been very good with his foster – he initially was head shy and a bit stoic, but after a week she gets tail wags and the belly is up for some rubbing! He’s not thrilled about baths, but lets foster Mom pick him up and put him in the tub then just tolerates it.

Winston has played some tug with the toy and he is a gentle player. He prefers to be in whatever room his foster Mom is in and follows her on walks outside (fenced area).

Winston is a good boy when introduced to other dogs. He reacted to protect himself when the resident dogs acted up upon meeting them. He has met other dogs on leash and just sniffed without reaction. When he is not crated at his foster home, the resident dogs are crated and Winston pays them no attention.

Along with everything else physically that he had going on when he was sprung from the shelter, Winston is heartworm positive. He's being treated with the slow-kill method, which is a combination of antibiotics and heartworm prevention.

Winston is up to date with vaccinations and has been dewormed. Once he has gained a bit more weight, he'll be neutered.

ariel b.jpg


Chiweenie Adult

Hello there! My name is Ariel and I'm a 3 year old 20 pound Chiweenie - Chihuahua/Dachshund mix gal.

As rescue dogs, we all have stories to tell - and I'm no different! I was rescued from a local shelter VERY pregnant - rescued one day and had my 5 pups the very next day! This happened LAST summer (2021) and eventually I was adopted out to a nice couple. They have recently had some drastic changes in their lives and decided that it's best for me to find a new home.

I'm crated much too long during the day and they just don't feel that they are giving me the life I deserve.

I'm a pretty shy gal and will take a little bit for me to trust you. I was dumped at the shelter, ready to give birth. That place is HORRIBLE - so loud, everyone running around like crazy, dogs barking and howling - and there I was. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and have my puppies in peace.

Thankfully Underdog Ranch came along and took me in. My adoptive (now foster) Mom says I've done such a great job learning how to be a dog outside of a kennel!! I fit in well with dogs who are calm.

I'm always good for adding some "zest" and "sparkle" to daily my food, and I sit and wait very well before eating. I will ferret out any random bunny or snake in the back yard like a champ, and I walk on a harness-type leash very well. I'm an aggressive chewer and have been spoiled by the "Super Chewer" Bark Boxes ;)

I am an amazing, unique, and loving dog who deserves more - more walks, more one on one time, more training, etc...

I won't be adopted out into an environment with children under the age of 12 years old. Their activity levels are just too much for a shy girl like me.

I have been spayed, am heartworm negative and am up to date with vaccinations, My adoption fee is $250.



Lab/Pit/German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Check me out!! I'm 35 pounds of 7 month old pure puppy! I'm a Lab/Pit mix with maybe some German Shepherd thrown in for good measure and my name is Geo!

I was brought into a local Shelter as a stray - so I'm definitely ready for my forever home!

I'm a typical pup - I love to play and I love to love! I'm great with other dogs, cats and children. I'm crate trained and also house trained if taken outside on a regular schedule.

I've been neutered and am up to date with my age-appropriate vaccinations. My adoption fee is $250.

To request an adoption application, please visit Please allow 48-72 hours for a response!



Catahoula/Pit/Lab Mix Adult

I am a shy soul named Angel who is trying to find caring people to work with me to learn to trust people. My foster family is fantastic but they tell me it's time for me to get my very own home and family - and I think I'm ready! I'm 5 years old, weigh 26 pounds and am a cross (we think) between a Catahoula Leopard Dog/Pitbull/maybe some Lab.

I was on my own for over three years and have birthed and raised a few litters of puppies by myself. I was brought in to a Rural shelter with my seven puppies and have come a very long way. I am still shy and timid but I'm learning to trust people.  In fact, I now will come up all on my own to sleep in bed with my foster parents!  I know some people don't like that - but for me, it's a really big step and shows my level of trust is growing big time!

I go outside OK on a leash but don’t prefer it so I would really prefer/need a fenced in backyard. I'm definitely gonna need someone who is willing to spend one on one time to get to know me - preferably someone who’s home a lot. I do not like crates or to be locked up. But I'm fine in a room with my people. at night to sleep.

I'm up to date with my vaccinations, heartworm negative, and have been spayed. My adoption fee is $250.



Red Nose Pitbull Adult

My name is Scarlett and here is my story!

I turned 2 years old in February of 2020. Shortly thereafter, I made my way to the United States from Qatar! Yes! Qatar! I was born there and abandoned as a puppy. I was living in a crowded shelter as a dog whose breed is basically illegal there.

I was rescued, received my vaccinations, and even have my very own passport!

As a result of my negligent upbringing and life in the shelter, I was always scared there. Scared of what would happen to me and scared because I never received much attention and never felt love. I sure do love my foster Mom though! I've learned to trust her and now she tells me it's time for me to trust others and find my forever home.

I know it's probably going to be a long process, but I also know that I am VERY willing to try and I DEFINITELY want my very own forever home. So - if you promise to take it slow with me, I promise to try really hard to make any meeting a potential match.

I am a VERY sweet girl ever but I just need to gain some self confidence I've been around other dogs and interacted well with them.

I won't be adopted out into an environment with children under the age of 16. I am not used to the activity levels of children and will not do well with a lot of noise and quick movements.

I've been spayed, am heartworm negative and am up to date with vaccinations. My adoption fee is $250.