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We do our best to ensure a good match between our rescued dogs and their new homes. If you have seen a dog or puppy on our website that interests you, please contact us for that particular dog. We will ask many questions about your home environment, your family, and your current pets in order to help you find a pet that will fit well with your expectations and your lifestyle. We take extra care to make the ‘right’ match for you and for our dogs.

Once you’ve submitted the application, it will be reviewed and forwarded to the foster home. The foster home will then contact you directly to ensure a good match and if all agree, a time to meet the dog will be arranged.

Once it has been determined that the match will be a good one for both dog and potential adopter(s), an adoption contract is completed between Underdog Ranch Pet Adoptions and the adopter(s) and the adoption fee is collected.

The adoption fee is generally $250 for an altered dog or puppy, and $350 for an unaltered puppy. The $100 “deposit” for an unaltered puppy will be reimbursed upon return of a spay/neuter “coupon” that is signed by the spay/neutering vet, along with a copy of a receipt showing that the spay/neuter was done.  We reserve the right to charge a higher adoption fee for purebred pups/dogs and others.

The adoption fee helps cover the cost of de-worming, all proper and age appropriate vaccinations, spay/neuter (age permitting), heart-worm preventative, flea and tick preventatives, food and other vet costs as needed. Dogs are also tested for heart-worms and treated, if necessary.

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